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  • is my money safe?

    We are fully compliant with the Canadian regulations on balance safety, ensuring that the balance is available at any time.

  • Is my personal and payment information secure?

    We take your privacy very seriously. For this we have a dedicated privacy officer as well as up to date compliant procedures to ensure your information is safe at all times. to find out more, read our Privacy Policy at this link. We never share your information with anyone.

  • Where is CheckPay accepted?

    At any merchant in our fast expanding network! Head over to the merchant directory to find out. Coming soon.

  • Can I withdraw my money?

    Of course you can withdraw your money by spending it at any of our many merchant partners. Dinner, Movies, Drinks, it’s your choice.

  • Can I transfer money to another CheckPay User?

    You certainly can, using our instant money transfer function, the payment is made within seconds and as always, it's free!

  • How can I dispute a transaction?

    Because of the nature of our service, wrong charges do not happen often. should you have any questions about a transaction on your account that you don’t remember making, just get in touch with us via this link.

  • What happens if I loose my phone or it is stolen? Is my CheckPay credit at risk?

    We recommend to passcode protect your CheckPay app via the options menu. Should you have lost your phone and no passcode is enabled on the device, just give us a quick call and we will make sure your hard earned money is safe.