Cross-Border Payment Solutions

Engage new customers. Save time and money.

5 Mins Setup

Forget about lengthy 5 days setups and long meetings. It will only take us 5 minutes to set you up, so you can start enjoying the benefits ASAP.

Easy Switching

We would gladly help you to switch to us, or any other payment solution providers for free if you are not happy with the services you are getting.

Speedy Transfer

We support 48hr (T+1) payment transfer model so that you can always get your money as fast and as easily as possible without any worries.

Safe & Secure

For your peace of mind, all merchant and user funds are always held in dedicated legal trust accounts. Not even our CEO can move them.


Get started the right way.

At CheckPay, we believe in making it easy for our customers. That’s why we take care of everything when it comes to on-boarding. It doesn’t matter wether or not the merchant has an official WeChat account already.

We offer full-service on-boarding, all you need to do is make the appointment with our sales team and we take care of everything else. This will take about thirty minutes of your time. After we sign the service agreement, we will activate your account within five minutes and hand over the Welcome Pack and pre-configured Terminal Device. This is the fastest on-boarding process in the industry.

At CheckPay the service doesn’t end with the sale. We offer all our new merchant partners access to complimentary full, hands-on staff and manager training. This includes fraud prevention measures, device instructions, ongoing support and more. On top of our instruction manual, we even have a seven day e-mail tutorial to answer most questions new merchants have, even before they occur.

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100% Throughput. Guaranteed.

CheckPay pays out at least once per week or as often as every day, based on your individual needs. Should you require your funds earlier than the next due date, give us a call and we will do our best to facilitate an early payout. Depending on the chosen payout method, the funds will arrive in your account within two hours to two business days.

The online portal also provides monthly detailed statements with a clear breakdown of all the fees charged. In case of a chargeback or payment reversal, we notify the merchant immediately via phone or email and hold the respective funds in escrow until the matter is resolved. In case of an unusually high number of payment reversals, we conduct additional due diligence to mitigate fraud risk.

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Fast, Easy-to-Reach and Courteous Service

Available 24/7 with a Single Point of Contact.

Any and all service requests will be handled by your assigned dedicated contact person. For emergencies, we ensure 24/7 availability. Customer service, by design, is always reactive, meaning one will only speak to customer service after a problem has already arisen.

At CheckPay, we take a different approach: We focus on prevention instead of reaction. Extensive training for both employers and employees as part of our on-boarding process is a given. Furthermore, your single point of contact person will reach out to you on a regular basis, making sure you are happy, and ironing out small bugs before they become big problems.

The entire CheckPay team is proud to be based in Richmond at our head office. We speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, German and French.

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Operation Security

Full peace of mind with bank-level security.

Like more than 80 large international banks and organizations, such as Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, FedEx and the Bank of China, CheckPay has chosen SwiftPass, the global market leader for WeChatPay and AliPay processing infrastructure as their backend provider.

This way, CheckPay can guarantee bank-standard 100% uptime and zero transaction loss. The CheckPay infrastructure is able to support up to 100 Million transactions per day and is protected against all kinds of cyberattacks, including DDOS. CheckPay utilizes SSL on all servers, with a security level that outperforms some large Canadian banks. We use industry standard encryption when transmitting and storing information at all times.

CheckPay has a full KYC, AML and CTF compliance regime and is a FINTRAC-registered Money Service Business. CheckPay holds all user's and merchant's funds in a dedicated trust account for safety and security.

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Staff Training

Give your team the insights they need.

On the first day with CheckPay, we will come to your office or store and make sure you’re ready to start. Beginning by processing some test transactions, then going to answering any and all questions you and your team might have, and finishing off by leaving detailed manuals and instructions, we make sure nothing is left unanswered.

When you have questions later on, most of the time, they can be easily resolved using the provided documentation. Should this not be the case, our support team is just a call away. The better informed your employees are, the faster they can identify fraud, process transactions or provide service. This is why we include fraud prevention as part of our on-boarding process.

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CheckPay Dashboard

The one-stop-shop for managing your business.

CheckPay’s Merchant Dashboard provides in-depth management functions. Managers can request payouts, see daily totals, detailed fee-breakdowns and even the sales staff performance, broken down individually.

We deliver monthly statements, notifications of chargebacks or disputes and anything else of relevance via the Dashboard. Accessible from any web-browser, it puts financial control right at your fingertips. For franchise and multi-location operations, the CheckPay dashboard offers full breakdown of all transactions and amounts processed, as well as advanced operation management features.

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Hardware and Maintenance

Worry-Free Terminals with all service included.

The CheckPay Cashier application is available for iOS and Android, so it can be easily installed on any device. An optional payment terminal device (Sunmi V1) with receipt printing is available, but not required.

All maintenance and support for hardware is complimentary, excluding damage caused by vandalism or willful destruction. We provide extensive staff training on hardware as part of our on-boarding process, including video and flash card instructions for new hires. Should a problem occur with your device, give us a call and we will try resolve software issues remotely. If this fails, or the problem is hardware related, we will dispatch a new device to you the same day. In the meantime, you can use any iOS or Android device for accepting payments.

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