About Us

Discover the values and people that are behind CheckPay.

At CheckPay, we embrace change. Change breaks up routines, change offers opportunities. It is those opportunities that made us start CheckPay.

- Rainer Yu, Founder and CEO of CheckPay

The world is going digital and payments are no different. Anywhere we go, we carry our personal mobile devices. Be it a smart watch, be it a phone or even a tablet - it is our most trusted companion. At CheckPay, we believe wallets, cards and even cash to become increasingly obsolete within the next decade.

Driven by this firm belief and the move towards decentralized payments, we are on a mission to revolutionize the North American payment market by introducing non bank-based spending accounts - right from your phone, wherever you are.

Enabling cross-border payments in Canada via the WeChat Pay and AliPay networks is the first leg of our journey to a new and better payment environment for both merchants and consumers worldwide. We strive to innovate and break with conventions, routines and old habits. That is the kind of change we are aiming for, the kind of change that can actually make a difference in everyday life.

Since we started in 2017, we have come a long way. We have created our own mobile wallet application and started building an ecosystem via the WeChat Pay and AliPay networks. Our infrastructure is now able to process more than 100 Million transactions per day and even surpasses some large Canadian banks in security benchmarks.

So - join us on our journey through the payment space and we’ll keep you updated with what’s new with us.

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